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PGW has been at the forefront of growing my business. I was able to make so many genuine connections! PGW has sparked my ambition, drive, and has surrounded me with so many powerhouse, ambitious, and successful women - not to mention all the loyal clients I've gained! I can only pray to be as inspiring as these women have been to me for the next generation to come. PrettyGirlsWork is a movement!

A pledge is a promise. And this is our promise to you.

Every workshop, event, offering and interaction is guided by our four pillars:


We are invested in your success.

There's nothing we love more than seeing women win on their own terms! Your definition of success is your own, so whatever it is that you've identified as the end goal for your business or project, your PGW sisters are here to help you achieve it and design a life beyond your wildest dreams!


We have tools that can empower you.

Through our workshops, courses, events, products, and digital media, as a PGW Sorority member, you'll have access to relevant and engaging resources specific to your business. Choose the educational tools that best support your business strategy, and realize true transformative change by gaining the soft skills necessary to retain your competitive edge.


We have community to connect you.

With the PGW Sorority, you can connect and engage with like-minded, professional women from across the globe who can share valuable insight, best practices, advice, and encouragement to stay consistent and achieve success.


We will lift you up + celebrate you!

Find your business bestie, ask questions, share your challenges and successes, and have fun! This high-vibe sisterhood is ready to support you on your business journey!

Join our free private community + start making an impact in your business today.

When I first ventured into business, I barely got any support. I was told it's risky, I need to have a lot of time, and money. Only a couple of women encouraged me to pursue business ventures. I've even had women stop talking to me because my business was growing and I improved my life. Then you meet a group of women who really are supportive and go the extra mile to support and cheer you on and believe in you even more than you believe in yourself. That's what PGW is to me.

Esther Akwenyu
Founder, @CEOeveille


What is the PGW Sorority™?

The PGW Sorority™ is a private Facebook community of women founders and entrepreneurs committed to leveling up their businesses. Members benefit from a regular program of webinars, workshops, wellness activities, and gain access to a course library, seasonal masterminds, group coaching programs, and private mentorship to focus on their personal and professional development. In addition to monthly content and weekly messages from PGW founder Elle Mejia and other members of the PGW Advisory Board, you can connect with a supportive community of likeminded women who can help fill in the gaps in your personal development and the advancement of your business goals.

How much does it cost to pledge PGW?

Joining our private community and accessing a wealth of free content to help you launch or scale your business is absolutely free.

Is the PGW Sorority for me?

If you're struggling to stay on track and stay consistent with your side hustle or business, or if you're looking for a way to transition your business to the next level (whether that's to quit your 9-5, boost online product sales, etc.), the PGW Sorority™ will give you a forum to stay the course! If you don't have an entrepreneurial support system, the PGW Sorority™ surrounds you with like-minded women who can share valuable insight, best practices, advice, and encouragement to stay consistent and achieve success.

How is the PGW Sorority programming delivered?

Everything is delivered right in our private Facebook group, with the exception of masterminds or coaching sessions that may take place using Zoom or other convenient platforms. You'll gain immediate access to workshops, webinars, and special events. Choose to accelerate your development with self-study courses from the PGW Academy, our industry-specific masterminds, small group coaching sessions, or private mentorship programs. Start engaging with other members to build connections and grow your network. Find your business bestie, ask questions, share your challenges and successes, and have fun! This high-vibe community is ready to support you on your journey.

How much of my time will it require each month?

That's totally up to you! But we suggest making it a habit to log in daily and engage with the community and tune into any workshops or lectures. There's no way to fall behind if you're consistently tapped in. The awesome thing about the PGW Sorority™ is that it makes it really easy to stay on track and get the most out of the membership. Make time for your business the way you would for someone else's.

Is the PGW Sorority right for me if I don't have a business right now?

Yes! You're ahead of the game! The PGW Sorority™ is for any woman who has or wants to build her own business or organization. All you need to start is a collaborative mindset and a willingness to learn! The PGW Sorority™ gives you structure, support, inspiration, and community as you begin your journey. In fact, it's an awesome place to start, thanks to the community and the flexible structure. Instead of going in a million directions and feeling overwhelmed, you can lean on the community to start your business with clarity!

I've had my business for many years. Will the PGW Sorority have anything to offer me?

Absolutely! The PGW Sorority™ will enhance your current business practices and help you to stay consistent with them. Life can get so busy that even the most committed person can get knocked off track. This community meets you wherever you are and makes it effortless and fun to stick with your business no matter what's going on.

What does our content feel like?

Listen to these excerpts from some of our webinars. Members can access full webinars in our archive.

Join our free private community + start making an impact in your business today.

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The PGW Podcast Network features powerful, women-led podcasts by industry experts aimed at inspiring and empowering the PrettyGirlsWork audience. Tune into podcasts on real estate, women athletes, branding your business, and so much more!


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